The Podcast

Unfortunately, this audio recording of the Trial in the park - the trees speak out, is only available in Dutch. Nevertheless, hereby a short overview of the roles and structure of the trial.

Marianne Thieme (founder of the Party for the Animals)
Eva Rovers (she is committed to civic councils on climate, among other things)
Mert Kumru (delegate on behalf of youth to the UN on climate issues)

Hannah Prins (studying law and involved within Extinction Rebellion and Stop Ecocide);

Lawyers of the Trees:
Jan van de Venis
Jessica den Outer (as environmental lawyers advocates for Rights for Nature)

Representatives on behalf of the trees:
Gershwin Bonevacia, poet
Thijs van Vuure, musician
Mus Broer and Noï Vermijs, pupils
Kenzo Kusuda, dancer

Sem Bakker, advocaat

Expert Witnesses:
Prof. Ute Sass-Klaassen, tree biologist
Peter Akkerman, chairman of the foundation “Forest that belongs to itself”

Find below the time stamps for the most essential parts of the trial:

00:00 Context, College of Judges: Marianne Thieme

15:33 The Pleas, Lawyers of the Trees: Jessica den Outer and Jan van de Venis

Roots, legal: Jan van de Venis
Roots, artistic: Gershwin Bonevacia
Trunks, legal: Jessica den Outer
Trunks, artistic: Thijs van Vuure
Leaves, legal: Jan van de Venis
Leaves, artistic: Mus Broer and Noï Vermijs
Juices, legal: Jessica den Outer

48:53 Legal, Lawyers of the Trees: Jessica den Outer and Jan van de Venis
1:17:39 Claim, Lawyers of the Trees: Jessica den Outer and Jan van de Venis

1:21:39 The Defense, Lawyer: Sem Bakker

1:31:28 The Expert witnesses: Prof. Ute Sass-Klaassen and Peter Akkerman

1:43:53 Rejoinder and reply: Jessica den Outer, Jan van de Venis, and Sem Bakker

1:47:06 The Verdict, College of Judges: Marianne Thieme, Eva Rovers, and Mert Kumru

A more complete podcast (again, only available in Dutch) will be published in late February 2023, including an introduction, the trial, and questions for the future.

Het Amstelpark · Rechtszaak in het park - De bomen spreken zich uit